Vienglish is a term used by many of my friends to show the mix between languages, and perhaps cultures. This new meld between English and Vietnamese represents my life in Ho Chi Minh City where my culture and beliefs effect how I see and understand the new world around me. Vienglish, my travel blog is an outlet for me to share with others my experiences here in Vietnam and my passion for great food!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Ohan - The Best Japanese Restaurant in Saigon

Head Chef

This was the restaurant in which I first tried Japanese food, and after trying many other Japanese restaurants in Saigon I can safely conclude this restaurant has the best atmosphere, decor, service, and most importantly food! Try the tasty Business Man Bento which has a selection of tempura, miso soup, Japanese potato salad, salmon, pork cutlet with egg and carrot, rice, and pork with green pepper. All of that deliciousness for only 8 dollars.

Ohan Restaurant
SA 1-1 & SB 2-1 My Khanh 4
Nguyen Duc Canh Street
District 7 (Phu My Hung)
Ho Chi Minh City
Telephone Number: 84-8-4121071

Another branch of this restaurant is located downtown:
71 Pasteur Street
District One
Ho Chi Minh City
Telephone Number: 84-8-8244896


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