Vienglish is a term used by many of my friends to show the mix between languages, and perhaps cultures. This new meld between English and Vietnamese represents my life in Ho Chi Minh City where my culture and beliefs effect how I see and understand the new world around me. Vienglish, my travel blog is an outlet for me to share with others my experiences here in Vietnam and my passion for great food!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple Complex - Narita - Japan

Narita - Japan

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Crates - Narita - Japan

No Gain Without Rogaine - Narita - Japan

!Comico! Poster

Restaurant Decoration - Narita - Japan

Narita - Japan

Narita feels like a tiny set built just for tourists with a quaint cobblestone road winding down the hill towards the temple. On either side are dozens of restaurants and shops for trinkets. Here are just a few.

Vending Machines - Narita - Japan

I've seen soda, ice cream, fruit juice, water, and candy bar vending machines, but never a cigarette vending machine!

Bus Television - Narita - Japan

The Japanese are known for their cute comics such as Hello Kitty so it should have came as no surprise when the bus had some buttons on the control panel adorned with characters.

Busride - Narita - Japan

By stopping on our way back to America we were able to take a little 7 hour tour of Narita Japan which is about 1 and a half hours away from Tokyo. The pics below are from the bus ride from the airport to Narita.