Vienglish is a term used by many of my friends to show the mix between languages, and perhaps cultures. This new meld between English and Vietnamese represents my life in Ho Chi Minh City where my culture and beliefs effect how I see and understand the new world around me. Vienglish, my travel blog is an outlet for me to share with others my experiences here in Vietnam and my passion for great food!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Climbing Lang Bian Mountain - DaLat- Vietnam

Hiking in DaLat - Vietnam

Pictures from our hike around DaLat.

DaLat - Vietnam

Cemetery on hill in DaLat.

DaLat - Vietnam

Once you come into Dalat there seems to be never ending fields filled with all sorts of vegetables.

DaLat - Vietnam

Here are some pictures coming into DaLat by bus. The ride from Ho Chi Minh City to DaLat was approximately 7 hours but by car you can be there in abou 4 hours.

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple Complex - Narita - Japan